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Shoot and edit video from your iPhone

You don’t need the latest and greatest in film equipment to produce a simple and effective video. In fact, to produce a video for online, all you really need is an iPhone, a tripod and a mini microphone.

Apps like Reel Director can be purchased from the iTunes store for video editing, and then you can upload it to YouTube using the Youtube App. In fact, you can film and edit a video without a PC at all!

Think I’m joking? Think again.

Here is a YouTube instructional video on how filming, editing and uploading from your smartphone can be a reality.

How to shoot and edit news from an iPhone

Recommended video recording/editing materials

Audio Recorders

Zoom H1

Zoom H4n

iPhone Mics

iPhone tripod mount

Canon 550D

Mic for DSLR cameras

Mic pre-amp (adds headphone monitoring, turns of auto-gain control)

Tripod (Cheap)

iPhone video editing apps


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