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Free online multimedia resources

With so many free programs on the internet, it’s easy to make your communications stand out. This freeware list is a must-have for online communicators.

Without doubt, online journalism is the new journalism. Anyone with an internet connection can effectively publish online. Thanks to the internet, news can now be delivered faster, more accurately, and to a wider or more targeted audience. 

So how do you make your online communcation jump out from the rest?

Aside from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) functionality and other fancy (and quite often expensive) options, there are a plethora of free resources available online to help you better engage your audience.

Below a list of some I have found, used, and would recommend to others. Be sure to add them to your favourites too!

Video hosts

Video – Livestreaming/Apps

Video editing – Online

Video editing – Apps

Video recording

Audio recording – Apps

Audio editing – Apps

Audio editing – Desktop

Audio recording – Desktop

Image editing – Online

Image editing – Desktop

Slideshows/Galleries – Online

360 degree photo composites – Online

Interactive maps – Online

Interactive timelines – Online

Liveblog – Online/App


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