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Experienced Communications Strategist and Legal Research Expert.

White-label articles can help boost your business

Are you frequently asked the same questions by customers? 

Would you like to distribute a newsletter to customers but don’t have the time to write it?

White-label articles can not only help you answer those questions, but can also help strengthen your customer relationships. Knowledge is power, and when clients know they can come to you for all their answers, you’ve effectively fostered a strong and sustainable business relationship.

White-label articles can also help improve your website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) results. Regularly posting topical and evergreen articles on your website and via social media such as Twitter and Facebook can further drive online traffic to your website.

What is white-labelling?

At Commercial Media, we produce a range of articles across topics ranging from communications strategies to property, business and law.

With Commercial Media you can now have your own professionally-written and branded customer newsletter; ensuring your business is always top of mind with your clients.

Each newsletter is packed with focused content designed to inform and educate. Your newsletter is also branded to your business and includes a personalised message from you as well as your full contact details.

Choose a monthly or quarterly newsletter and:

• Generate more client enquiries
• Drive more referred business
• Retain your clients longer
• Underpin your professionalism
• Save money with an excellent return on investment.

Commercial Media is an affordable and effective solution for you to strengthen your customer relationships.

What we offer

• Personalised newsletter featuring your own logo, image and contact details
• Easy-to-send format
• Professional design
• Content produced by an experienced and knowledgable journalist

Regardless of the size of your customer base, you’ll only pay just $119 per newsletter on a monthly subscription to ensure that you’re top of mind with your customers when it comes to their business needs.
And with your newsletter ready for dispatch within five working days of booking you’ll be top of mind with your clients in no time. It’s that easy!

For more information or to view a sample of our newsletter, contact Commercial Media today.


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