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Animated online avatars: New media or new annoyance?

I’ve recently come across an opportunity to use online animated avatars in my corporate communications. But the question is: are they effective?

Having conducted a bit of research into them, I’m starting to wonder whether they will achieve the ultimate end-goal, which is to increase user engagement and therefore, engagement with the business. 

Online avatars have popped up everywhere over the last few years and animated avatars are increasingly popular. The first I’d heard of the word ‘Avatar’ was when the sci-fi blockbuster broke out across the Australian big screen. There are free online programs and applications – even mobile apps – that allow you to create an modify your own personalised animated avatar.

Free online avatars

Some of these can be found at:

Using animated avatars

Animated avatars are interactive: they give the user information the use may need to complete a task, direct the user to where they can find more information, and can be reduced or made to disappear with the click of a mouse.

But do users want to interact with an avatar? This is the question I pose in my study on the effectiveness of online avatars as a communciations tool.

To participate in the study, please complete the poll on this website, or send your response via email.


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