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How to write a communications plan

Good communications planning starts with – well, you guessed it – a strategic and solid plan. 

As a business leader, one of your main responsibilities is to develop a plan for your business. The plan is of an evolving nature; as  circumstances change, your plan will need to be updated to reflect current needs and challenges.

However, a solid and clear communications plan is effectively a road map for where you are going and how you will get there.

Key points to remember in developing a communications plan

Your communications plan should:

  • Follow a strategic plan
  • Be aligned with the company’s overarching strategic plan.

What you will need

In developing a communications plan, you will need:

  • mission statement: A statement that articulates what your company does to generate a return on investment
  • vision statement: What the company will look like if it achieves its mission
  • Goals: The big-picture results you’re trying to achieve (it doesn’t have to be specifically measurable)
  • Strategies: General directions you take to meet the goal (ie: the general plan)
  • Objectives: The measurable things you do to achieve the strategy (ie: the steps taken to execute the general plan)
  • Audience analysis: Identify the audiences and segments for the messages you want to create
  • Tactics: The actions and things you actually do. Consider this in terms of time, cost and resources
  • Measurement and evaluation: An important but often overlooked step. You should perform an assessment for every tactic to show the degree in which your efforts were successful.

While you may feel pressure from business leaders to start with tactics, you should always consider the big picture before working out tactical steps.

Producing a newsletter or sending a regular email is not necessarily the solution to all company communication breakdowns – so take a strategic approach and train your stakeholders to think in the same way.


2 comments on “How to write a communications plan

  1. louisesmusings

    I love this! I have read many required text books at university on how to write a communications plan and they go into so much detail that it’s easy to forget what you’re supposed to be writing! This is simple, concise and right to the point. I’ll be using this format for writing future communication plans!

  2. Bella

    Thanks Louise! Glad my article was helpful :).

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