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How to write a corporate style guide

A writing style manual provides guidance for any person ‎who is faced with the task of preparing communication material for publication; whether internally or externally.‎ Here’s how to write one.  … Continue reading

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Animated online avatars: New media or new annoyance?

I’ve recently come across an opportunity to use online animated avatars in my corporate communications. But the question is: are they effective?

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Invest in your personal brand

The biggest investment you can make is in your personal brand. Everything has a value, and you are essentially your best asset.

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White-label articles can help boost your business

Are you frequently asked the same questions by customers? 

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Impression of a Corporate Communications Specialist

This made me laugh … Seems like career-themed memes are popping up all over the web these days.

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Shoot and edit video from your iPhone

You don’t need the latest and greatest in film equipment to produce a simple and effective video. In fact, to produce a video for online, all you really need is … Continue reading

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Free online multimedia resources

With so many free programs on the internet, it’s easy to make your communications stand out. This freeware list is a must-have for online communicators.

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I am a corporate communications specialist with a legal background. I also have substantial writing skills and experience as a journalist, features editor, columnist and sub-editor. On this site you’ll … Continue reading

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